Female Authors


Female Authors


Women go from being culture consumers to culture producers when they make a zine. The common topics of female produced zines are personal narratives, feminism, issues of sexual violence, and female health. Zines also provide women with a method of safe, inexpensive free speech that can be distributed in politically repressive climates, whether is simple, personal narratives or subversive political ideas.

This collection contains zines produced by female authors and those who gender identify as women.

Collection Items

Attitude Adjustment
A comic zine on world view and personal responsibility.

Fire Down Below
This zine highlights the environmental and health dangers of tampons and pads produced by the corporate feminine hygiene industry, and provides readers with alternative options.

Doris 27
The final issue of the Doris encyclopedia/alphabet set, containing UWXYZ.

A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance
A DIY guide to bicycle maintenance.

Dames on Frames: Feminist Bike Zine
A female produced zine that focuses on bicycling and feminism.

Moon Party: Menarche Narratives and Menstrual Lore
This zine contains personal narratives from women about their menstrual cycle.

Moon Medicine
This zine provides remedies for PMS, vaginal infections, and general menses issues.

A Commemorative History of The Minnehaha Free State and Four Oaks Spiritual Encampment
This zine presents a brief history of the Minnesota Dakota and tells the story of the Minnehaha Free State, the first urban anti-road occupation.
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