What is a zine?
A zine is a self-published, low circulation, non-commercial, alternative printed media resource. Zines are usually booklets or magazines made using the techniques of copy, pasting, and photocopying, and are often produced by one person. Zines typically have a small circulation of fewer than 1,000 copies.
What is a zinester?
A zinester is the creator of a zine.
What is the copyright policy of the CPE Zine Collection?
The CPE Zine Collection is licensed under CC BY-NC. You may use the website and its information as long as the use is non-commercial and you credit the CPE Zine Collection. You do not need our permission to show and share the website or the digitized zines. The CC BY-NC license does not necessarially apply to the digitized zines, please see the rights section of each zine for copyright information.
What is the copyright of the zines?
The copyright of the zines varies from zine to zine. The copyright status of a zine can be found in the zine's item metadata record under "rights."
The majority of zines in the CPE Zine Library are still under copyright. Copyright owners hold the right to copy, make derivative works, distribute, perform and display their works. The respective authors/copyright owners of the zines have given permission to digitize and distribute their work in this digital library. If you wish to use the zine it is recommended to contact the author/copyright owner listed in the item's metadata record.
Copyleft or Anti-copyright
If the zine is labeled "copyleft" or "anti-copyright," the author has expressed that others may openly use the zine. We recommend that you credit the author (if known) if you use the work in any way.
Public Domain
If a zine is in the public domain, you are allowed to use the zine and its images for any purpose.
Any other questions?
Please send an e-mail to Chealsye Bowley at cb12b@my.fsu.edu.